Jeltje Fotografie (1982) lives on the country side in The Netherlands. Since 2008 she works as an independent photographer for different brands. And she makes home features for magazines in collaboration with House of Pictures, Denmark. Jeltje photographs with daylight on her own feeling, with stylistic precision. For questions and assignments you can always contact:

Email: Jeltjejanmaat@gmail.com Phone: 0031- 6 17 85 87 54

Brands: Atelier Sukha, Couleur locale, Bibelotte Bedding, Ukkepuk furniture, Karwei, Edelgroup carpets, Goround interior, Rozabluehome, Elramlahamra.

Magazines: VT Wonen, Ariadne at Home, Elle Decoration, Volkskrant Magazine, JAN Living, Villa d’arte, Milk Decoration, Elle Decoration UK, Interior Magasinet Norway, Bo Bedre Norway, Zuhause wohnen, Living at Home, HOME France, Australian Country Living